Age Divisions & Yardages

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Each tournament venue will have a set length to their course and we will follow those yardages. Below is an approximate guide of the yards each age group and gender will be playing. During the early spring tournaments, we will be playing winter distances, which will be promoted before each tournament begins. Be sure to register for our email blasts to get detailed information about each event, see below.

Boys and girls between the ages of 8-18 are eligible for PJRGT tournaments. Players who have started college are not eligible, regardless of age.


Boys 15-19
Boys 13-14
Boys 12 & under
Girls 15-19
Girls 13-14
Girls 12 & under

6,400-6,800 yards
5,200-5,700 yards
4,500-5,200 yards
5,200-5,700 yards
5,200-5,700 yards
4,500-5,200 yards

*In the event the Boys & Girls 12 and Under divisions have 1 player in the field, that player will be paired with players in another division but still play from the 12 & Under tees.

**PJrGT has the right to adjust tournament yardages at any time based on weather & course conditions.

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